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April Events Schedule

Introducing TCWN

The Creative Woman Network is a community for female creatives fully focused on connecting with each other on a personal level, learning together, networking, sparking collaborations and gaining opportunities for mentorship and funding. 

Monday 13th 6:00pm
With Anita Nma

Working from Home

The outbreak of the Coronavirus has most people working from home. If you’re new to working remotely, these tips from a home-office pro can help you stay motivated enough to accomplish your goals and cross off tasks on your to do lists. 

Friday 20th 5:00pm
With Emike

First Meet Up

Our mission is to create an inspiring and collaborative community for women creatives; help them grow and in turn empower younger creative women. 

We intend to host events ranging from brunches, mini-workshops, cocktails & conversations, speed mentoring, retreat, virtual talks, and panel events. 

Friday 20th 5:00pm
With Joy Wonne

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