Get a chance to meet with other creatives in your industry. Share and bounce ideas off each other, solve problems, and also meet experts in the industry.


The Creative Woman Network is a community for Female Creatives fully focused on

connecting with each other on a personal level, learning together, networking, 

sparking collaborations and gaining opportunities for mentorship and funding.  

We are a community where creatives can share their goals & struggles,  

exchange feedback, partner and collaborate to lift each other up.

Our mission

Our mission is to create an inspiring and collaborative community for Female Creatives; help them grow and in turn empower younger creative women.

We intend to host events that range from brunch, mini-workshops, cocktails & conversations, speed mentoring, retreat, virtual talks, and panel events. Special events like speed mentoring and panel events will be hosted annually. Our monthly events are each limited to 10-12 women (total including the host/co-host) in order to create an intimate environment, so it’s less like meeting up with random professionals but more like seeing friends.

Our Values


Yes, we take our work seriously but we also find ways to include humor in what we do. 



We use what we have to do what we can, we also do more with less. We’re resourceful like that. 



Real conversations are the heart of what we do; we discuss where we are and where we’re going.



Curiosity never killed the cat, it helped it evolve. We’re curious because we are looking to grow.


We value diversity in all forms; no limitations here. It’s all better with you in it. 

Our Dream

The Creative Woman Group is a community of strong, curious, creative and ambitious women redefining success and making a path on our own terms. We are here to inform, entertain, and inspire action through the content and experiences we create. We are unapologetic in our beliefs and values of supporting girls and women who are chasing dreams both big and small.

Meet The Team

Anita Nma

Anita Nma


An experienced WordPress & Content Developer with background in industries like I.T, Health, Wellness

Emike Okoyomoh

Emike Okoyomoh

Community Manager

Emike is an experienced Graphics and UI/UX Designer. She is passionate about Tech and Design.

Joy Wonne

Joy Wonne

Project Co-ordinator

Joy is a Lawyer, Broadcaster and Content Developer who has been described as a restless soul.