Resources we love

This page will be filled with resources we love and we think would be of great value to you and your business.

Here you will find many resources ranging from books, materials, grant information to work tools and lifestyle hacks. 

We are serious about your personal and business growth and want you to notice the change and improvement in all areas of your life in a short while.


We hope you love to read. Here you will find many book resources, including book publishers, review sites and updates about new books. It would be our own little book club. 

Work Tools and Life Hacks

One of our goals is to make life easier for you, not just your personal but also your work life. We will provide access to tools you need to work more efficiently. 

Grants Information

Stay on top of it all by having first hand knowledge of new Grants and Loans. We told you we got you covered. 

Learn about deadlnes, get reminded to finish up applications before hand. 

Free eBooks

Freelancing: Getting Started

Whether you’re looking to start Freelancing or test the water in this uncertain time, this is the guide you need.

Social Media Strategy Template

Set up a social media strategy, measure metrics to see what works & what needs to go using this template. 

Business Proposal Template

Kickstart your entrepreneurship with this. A guide to help you bring your business idea to life.

Weekly Schedule Planner

We all need a little help planning our week and with the pandemic, even more to help us stay on top of our to-dos.